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Lignes d'Azur, a connected network: moove around the Lignes d'Azur network more easily thanks to our new applications! Itinerary searches, up-to-date timetables, traffic information...

Thanks to the availability of information about the Lignes d'Azur network on the site, the Nice Côte d'Azur Metropole allows operators to develop transport applications designed to make travelling on the Lignes d'Azur network easier for users of public transport, both for those who live in the region and for tourists.  These applications, born out of a partnership between the different operators and Lignes d'Azur, are free of charge.

Lignes d'Azur

Lignes d'Azur Mobile
The official mobile application for the Nice Côte d'Azur Metropole transport network. It is designed to make travelling on all the urban routes of the Lignes d'Azur network easier.
Find all the information you need about Lignes d'Azur in your smartphone: up-to-date travel times, itinerary searches, network maps, traffic disruption information...
To download it, go directly to the Appstore or Google Play, or open using your mobile.

Urban Pulse

Urban pulse
The essential application for living life to the full in your town!

This is the first smartphone application which integrates all the information and useful services to allow you to be aware in real time of everything that's happening close to you. And it allows you to get where you want to be easily using the fastest means of transport.

Google maps

Google Maps
Google Transit is a feature of Google Maps which allows internet users to find public transport information such as stops, routes and timetables, on a unique interface wherever he or she is in the world and in his or her native language.

Last tram

It's almost midnight, and you're beginning to wonder how you're going to get home. Certainly on the last tram. But when does this good old last tram leave? With LastTram, this is a question you will no longer need to ask. LastTram: the application which will allow you to know exactly when the last tram leaves, and this on the route and for the destination of your choice, in less than 5 seconds. To find the closest tram stop, you have two options: allow the LastTram application and its geo-tracking function to tell you where your nearest stop is, or choose the stop which suits you best yourself.


Moovit is a free-of-charge smartphone application (compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone), which allows each user to optimise his or her journey in real-time in almost 35 languages and 55 countries. In addition to planning your journey, looking for schedule times and consulting network maps, the application also offers a range of personable functions which allow the user to share and receive local information about the the condition of routes, stations and stops, likely to impact on the journeys of anybody using public transport, in real time.


 Move around Nice with Boogi, the application which combines car-sharing with public transport!
Boogi is the first dynamic car-sharing application which combines car-sharing with public transport to offer you the best choice of itinerary.

Transit app

Transit App
Transit App instantaneously shows you your transport options close to you and their next departure times. You can also look for a new journey or find the closest bike share service.