Find all Lignes d'Azur in your smartphone !

Lignes d'Azur Mobile

Lignes d'Azur Mobile, the network official application on iOS and Android

Apple Store

Play Store

The official mobile application for the Nice Côte d'Azur Metropole transport network. It is designed to make travelling on all the urban routes of the Lignes d'Azur network easier.
Find all the information you need about Lignes d'Azur in your smartphone: up-to-date travel times, itinerary searches, network maps, traffic disruption information...
To download it, go directly to the Appstore or Google Play, or open using your mobile.

NFC Nice Ticket

NFC Nice Ticket : the mobile application which allows to purchase tickets and travel by bus or by tram

Buy and validate your Lignes d'Azur tickets with your NFC Smartphone

NFC Nice Ticket is a mobile application which allows you to purchase tickets and travel by bus or by tram within the Métropole Nice Côte d'Azur region, using a mobile phone equipped with a NFC - Near Field Communication - electronic chip.

 Proxi Azur

Proxi Azur, real-time schedule for the next arrival at your bus stop or tram station

Thanks to Proxi Azur, get real-time information for the next arrival times at bus stops and tram stations, by SMS, QRcode, or NFC. 


Make your journey easier by choosing the right application

Lignes d'Azur, a connected network: moove around the Lignes d'Azur network more easily thanks to our new applications! Itinerary searches, up-to-date timetables, traffic information...

Disruption information, all the disruptions of your favourite lines directly send on your mobile phone

As a Lignes d’Azur subscriber or an occasional traveller, you can freely create your mail alert to have real-time information about your favourite lines disruptions.