Everything you need to know about line 2 of the tramway.

News - Published on 9/3/2018

Lancement commercial ligne 2 du tramway

On 3 September 2018, line 2 begin to operate commercially between “CADAM Centre administrative” and “Magnan” tramway station.

With Lignes d'Azur and Zenbus, buses become interactive!

News - Published on 7/12/2018

The Zenbus application allows you to follow your bus in real time to make the information accessible to everyone!

A new nocturnal experiment with Uber !

News - Published on 7/4/2018

For a unique fare of 6€, you’ll get to profit of Uber fares, taking the baton of certain bus line route, starting from 8 P.M (offer reserved for 18+ yearly subscribers only).

Take your mind off subscription during your holidays!

News - Published on 6/11/2018

3 ways to prepare your travel pass purchases and renew your season ticket before the beginning of the school year

Validation is compulsory for everyone

News - Published on 3/27/2018

How to validate your ticket or card ?

Make your life easier by using our mail order service

News - Published on 2/6/2018


In 2018 we save time!

Make your life easier by using our mail order service.

What you do counts!

News - Published on 9/19/2017

Fare evasion: avoiding paying is an expensive option

Discourtesy on board: a bad behaviour is bad for your budget

Movie tickets

News - Published on 7/5/2017

Le Cinéma à la Carte

Thanks to your Lignes d'Azur travel card, the movie ticket costs €8 at the Pathé Masséna, the Pathé Paris and the Pathé Lingostière !*

* offer available at every screening for subscribers of a valid Lignes d'Azur travel card, except 3D surcharge.


News - Published on 7/28/2016