News - Published on 9/19/2017

Fare evasion: avoiding paying is an expensive option

Discourtesy on board: a bad behaviour is bad for your budget

What is fraud?

Fraud has more consequences than you would imagine (economical, logistical, human resources...). Often, it is not perceived as a crime, as for many, it has less impact. However, buying and validating transport tickets and passes allows the transport service to operate more efficiently.


Since May 2017, the amounts and the tariffs of fines have increased and behavioural offences are now subject to fines on the whole transport network (as of 8 June 2017).

Règlement simplifié des transports

Tarifs amendes 


How can we change passenger habits?

  • By reminding passengers of the importance of buying and validating travel tickets and passes
  • By informing passengers of the risks fraud involves and the type of conduct that will not be tolerated
  • By clearing displaying the penalty fees to inform and remind passengers

Fraud applies to everybody and in any event:

  • There is no such thing as “minor fraud”, no exceptions
  • It applies to every passenger, and every journey

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How to validate your ticket or card ?