Make your life easier by using our mail order service

To purchase tickets or your 1st subscription card, use our simplified approach by preparing your mail order form from the comfort of your own home.

New ! Monthly subscriptions are available for these categories : Under 19 years old / From 19 to 25 years old, students or trainees / From 26 to 64 years old / 65 years old and above/ Employee/ Boarder/ Social. 

How to buy by mail order ?

  • To purchase tickets, download and print the form by clicking here
  • To purchase suscription card, download and print the form by clicking here
  • Prepare the relevant paperwork required to complete your mail order form
  • Prepare a cheque the total cost of your order
  • Put everything together in an enveloppe and post it to the following addresses: Agence commerciale Lignes d’Azur Jean Jaurès, 4 boulevard Jean Jaurès - 06300 NICE picto1.jpg picto-l2-sans-tram.jpg ou Espaces Mobilités Lignes d'Azur, 33 boulevard Dubouchage picto1.jpg picto-l2-sans-tram.jpg

> You can also go directly to the Jean Jaurès or Espaces Mobilités Lignes d'Azur sales offices and place your paperwork in the box provided for this purpose.