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City of Nice - Arts and History of the City

4 heritage sites at the preferential rate of €2.50 for each visit, upon presentation of your Lignes d'Azur subscription card:

  • Archaeological crypt

On October 5, 2012, the archaeological crypt opened to the public. This inauguration was the culmination of a long adventure that began with the construction of line 1 of the tramway.

Ten years later, we take a look back at an archaeological dig that is unique in many ways, with a program of three free highlights: an exhibition, an open house weekend and storytelling tours for young visitors.

"The archaeological crypt celebrates its 10th anniversary" is an event organized by the City of Nice's Department of Art and History and financed by the Interreg Alcotra program of the European Regional Development Fund as part of the "Discover to Promote" project of the Pa.C.E. Integrated Thematic Plan.

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  • Saint-François Tower
  • Bellanda Tower
  • Mont-Alban Fort 

For more information: Patrimoine – Ville de Nice

Pathé Nice

Thanks to your Lignes d'Azur subscription card, a cinema ticket fare is €9.90 at Pathé Gare du Sud, Pathé Masséna, and Pathé Lingostière!*

*excluding supplements

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Cinéma Mégarama Nice Vauban

Thanks to your Lignes d'Azur subscription card, a cinema ticket is €7.40 (excluding 3D supplements, special screenings and event broadcasts) at the Mégarama cinema in Nice Vauban!

Théatre de La Cité

Preferential rate on tickets for shows on presentation of your "Lignes d'Azur" card.

More information on:  oréâtre-de-la-Cité

3 rue Paganini - 06000 Nice - Phone: 04 93 16 82 69

Théatre des Oiseaux

Take advantage of a €3 discount on tickets for shows, on presentation of your « Lignes d’Azur » card at the cash desk.

More information on:

6 rue de l'Abbaye - 06300 Vieux-Nice - Phone: 04 93 80 21 93

Espace Magnan

Your seat at €12 instead of €15 to attend the show organized by cultural center.

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Villa Kerylos

Your seat at €9 instead of €11.5 for any visit of the Villa Kerylos.

More information on:

Impasse Gustave Eiffel - 06310 Beaulieu-sur-Mer - Phone: 04  93 01 01 44 - Fax: 04 93 01 23 36

Parc Alpha

Discover the Alpha Park ; get a €2 discount for any entrance and a free child ticket for the purchase of an adult ticket.

Center Nordique du Boréon: Adult ski pass at the same price as the child.

More information on:

Chalet d’Accueil du Boréon - RD 89 - 06450 Saint-Martin-Vésubie - Phone: 04 93 02 33 69

Oui, jelato

Get 2 free iced chocolates offered for the purchase of a box of 7 pralines or 5 free iced chocolates offered for the purchase of a box of 13 pralines.

5 rue de la Préfecture - 06300 Nice – Phone: 04 93 54 70 32

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La Cure Gourmande

Enjoy 10% off on all products.

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2 rue Sainte-Réparate - 06300 Nice


A free dessert for any main dish order.

More information on Restaurant Pizzeria L’Etna Nice – Sur place, en livraison gratuite ou à emporter (

455 Promenade des Anglais  - 06200 NICE


Enjoy 15% off on all in-store purchases upon presentation of your « Lignes d’Azur » card at the checkout. Offer cannot be combined with current promotions

CAP 3000 - 06700  Saint-Laurent-du-Var 


Enjoy a 30% discount on the entire store.*.
*Excluding end of collection

CAP 3000 - 06700  Saint-Laurent-du-Var 

More information on Vêtement technique montage : Chaussures, vêtements randonnée, ski et trekking | Millet


Enjoy a 10% discount on all products (excluding sales and promotions).

More information on Pylones – Créateur de sourires – Idées cadeaux Noel

3 avenue Jean Médecin - 06000 Nice

Optique Grosgogeat

10% off on optics (frame and/or lenses) + cleaning. kit offered for any complete equipment.
Hiking binoculars (except Zeiss and Swarovski: 5%), theatre binoculars, terrestrial telescopes (except Swarovski and Zeiss: 5%), telescopes, loupes and accessories: cords, chains, cases.

Procontact: 1 travel kit of cleaning products offered for any purchase of contact lenses.

(Excluding sales and promotions)

More information on grosgogeat –

25 avenue Jean Médecin - 06000 Nice – Tél : 04 93 88 72 52

Nice Hockey Elite

Tarif réduit pour les abonnés Lignes d'Azur, porteurs d'une carte d'abonnement annuel en cours de validité, soit 2€ de réduction sur le plein tarif .

Pour plus d’infos :

Angle de la Mode

Gentlemen, enjoy 15% discount on all purchases made at ANGLE DE LA MODE shop, 4 rue Grimaldi, Nice (offer cannot be combined with current promotions)

More information on:

4 rue Grimaldi - 06000 Nice - Phone: 04 97 08 38 82

These offers cannot be combined with other current promotions, cannot be split up and cannot be refunded, even partially.
For more detailed information, Lignes d’Azur advisors answer you at 08 1006 1006.

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