2 things you need to know to travel safely and well on Nice Côte d'Azur lines

Find in the leaflet useful advice about fares and validation in Lignes d'Azur public transports.

Choosing the right ticket

You have a choice of several ticket types. They are all listed in the "Fares" section.

Taking connections

Connections may be taken within a period of 74 minutes from the first validation.

  • By Bus: Connections may not be used for return journeys or to extend a journey on a single route.

  • By Tram: Connections may not be used for return journeys, but you can now divide a journey into several stages within a period of 74 minutes.

Do not forget to validate your ticket every time you board a bus or a tram.

Travelling as a group

There are two tickets available for travelling as a group:


Multi 10

The MULTI 10 and MULTI+ tickets.


  • 1 validation per passenger in the first bus you use,

  • 1 single validation for the whole group if taking a connection.

You can find more information about these tickets in our "Fares" section.