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What does change on your network as from January 2023!

As of January 1st, 2023 the Lignes d’Azur network is revising its transport supply. 

Line ​ and line ​ : a revised timetable for these lines. Last departure at 12:30 am Sunday to Thursday (instead of 01:30 am). Last tram at 01:35 am on Friday and Saturday as well as in summer (unchanged).

Line ​ : a revised timetable for this line. This provides a direct link between Port Lympia and Saint-Isidore every day, in the evenings only: 

  • 5 departures from the Port, to allow a direct return to the Nice Méridia, Sainte Marguerite and Saint-Isidore districts, and this until 11:30 pm.
  • As of 09:50 pm, no further departures from the airport.
  • First tram at 05:30 am, last tram at 11:30 pm on weekdays.
  • First tram at 06:00 am on weekends.

Line  ​ : a revised timetable, service from 05:30 am to 12:00 am (instead of 01:00 am). 

Line ​ : a revised timetable, service from 05:30 am to 12:00 am (instead of 01:00 am) and an increased service during rush hours.    

Line ​ : a revised timetable for this line, running until midnight (instead of 01:00 am - no change in the morning). It no longer stops at the La Trinité shopping centre in the evening, and ends at Ariane bus terminal, like it does during the day. Line ​   provides this service, until 09:30 pm. 

Lines ​ and  : a modified route and merged with the bus route for line   to anticipate the start of the BHNS (High Service Level Bus) planed for 2024. It has a revised timetable, running from 05:30 am to 12:00 am (instead of 01:00 am). The route has been changed; it no longer takes the Green Urban Area roads (Joffre, Pastorelli, Hôtel des Postes, Liberté, Buffa) but serves the Promenade des Anglais, the Avenues Jean Jaurès and Félix Faure. As a result, it connects more frequently to tram lines ​ and .Its 2 terminals  at “Las Planas” and “Hôpital Pasteur” remain unchanged.

Line ​ : a revised timetable for this line that now runs until 11:00 pm (instead of 01:00 am) and an increased service during the week, on Saturdays, and during busy weekends, such as the Sales and holiday periods. 

Line ​ : a revised timetable, with the first bus at 05:30 am (instead of 05:00 am).

Line ​   : a revised timetable service from 05:30 am to 00:00 am.

Line ​ : a revised timetable, with the first bus at 05:30 am (instead of 05:00 am); it runs until 09:30 pm (last departure from Vauban) from Monday to Sunday.

Line ​ : a boosted timetable all year round with a specific reinforcement during Summer (from June to the end of September). Coming from Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat it now terminates near Lycée Masséna High School in Nice, which meets a huge demand from the families of students, who are therefore closer to the city centre.

Line ​    : revised timetable.

Line ​ : a revised timetable, with the first bus at 05:30 am (instead of 05:00 am).

Line ​    : revised timetable.

Line ​ : connects Les Pugets district in Saint-Laurent-du-Var with Nice thanks to tram lines ​ and ,​ and terminates at “Grand Arénas” as during the weekend. Tram line ​ makes the connection between Grand Arénas and The Arboras. Scholars living in Saint-Laurent-du-Var and studying at the Thierry Maulnier High School still have a direct connection to the college from special services ​ and .

Line ​    : its route changes in the direction of "Le Gué/Polygone Riviera" and serves the "Aéroport/Promenade" and "La Passerelle" stops.

Line ​    : in the direction of "CADAM Centre Administratif", the "Palais Nikaïa" stop is moved 100 meters north further.

Line ​ : no longer terminates at Boulevard Risso; it now performs a route loop, departing from and arriving at Vauban, thus providing a better service to the Barla/Delfino district. This new route allows the line to run more smoothly while improving service for the sector. The connection options with tram lines  and  are still guaranted at Port Lympia and Vauban stations.

Line ​ : an extended timetable for this line; it runs until 10:00 pm instead of 08:40 pm. Its route has been shortened and no longer serves the Promenade des Anglais. With a shorter route, it is also more punctual. The comfort at the “Ferber” terminus has been improved, at the request of the districts’ committees. A “platform to platform” connection with line  allows a direct link with the city centre in 17 minutes as against 23 to 31 minutes depending on the traffic. The connection with line ​ at "Ferber/Promenade" is also possible, in order to reach the city centre by bus. 

Line  ​   : modified route; it serves "Boyer" stop in the direction of "Mont Boron", and "Promenade des Arts/Risso" stop in the direction of "Collège Matisse".

Line ​    : serves two new stops: "Beau Terron" and "Majestic", created in both directions.

Line ​ : like the small district lines (34, 37), this line no longer runs on Sunday due to particularly low passenger numbers. Transfer options: lines  ​, ​, ​  and ​. ​

Line ​     :  revised timetable.

Line ​    : modified route; it serves the "Promenade des Arts" stop in the direction of "Gustavin/Parc Vigier".

Line ​     : revised timetable.

Line ​ : replaced on Saturday by the "Demand-responsive transport service"  which is more flexible and more frequent. 

 Line ​ : has a revised frequency during the weekend and short school holidays. 

 Line ​ : has a revised frequency on Saturday. 

Line ​    : serves a new stop in both directions: "Pugets/Rodin".

Line​​ ​   : its route has changed; it serves the "Promenade des Arts" stop in the direction of "Riquier".

Line ​ : enjoys great success during the week but has less than 3 passengers per trip on Saturday. In accordance with requirements, it no longer runs on Saturday. Transfer options:     ​ , ​ , ​  and ​. 

Line ​ : two new departures from Borriglione to Cernuschi, from Monday to Saturday, in the evening, at 20:30 and 21:00.

Lines and  : are extended beyond the railway station to reach Place Urfé, a magnificent landscaped, wooded and calm square that is scheduled for completion at the end of January 2023. Connection with tram line is made easier.

Line ​    is replaced by ZOU! regional line No. 603.

Lines  and  : are merged under number in order to provide a more visible service, and in particular to serve the Carros Le Broc Industrial Area.

Line , which only ran on Sunday in the towns of Le Broc, Carros and Gattières, with less than 1 passenger per trip, no longer runs. 

Line  : first bus at 05:30 am (instead of 05:00 am) and revised frequency on Sunday. 

Lines  and  : replaced on Saturday by Demand-responsive transport service"   , which is more flexible and more frequent. 

Line replaced by line , which serves Hôpital l’Archet from La Madeleine and Magnan, increased during rush hours in order to allow a better offer on this route, which is partly identical to line .

The experimental 100% electric "Heart of the City" shuttle becomes a new line on the Lignes d'Azur network with the classic fare range, and now takes number   . Its route has been extended by serving the Urban Green Area; the route has been laid out in a “figure of 8” departing from Jean-Médecin and serving the roads: Victor Hugo, Gambetta, Joffre, Pastorelli, Gubernatis, Hôtel des Postes, Liberté, Buffa, Gambetta, Joffre, Alberti and Dubouchage to return to Jean Médecin. The tranquillity of these districts is boosted by the exclusive use of small electric buses on these routes.

  : created in 2018, and departing from Vence towards the Carros Industrial Area, it has not found its customer base, despite a renewed information campaign amid the working population and young people. It no longer runs. Line ​ can replace the    thanks to its hourly frequency and its attractive route by Vence, Saint-Jeannet, Gattières and Carros, as line “C” does, which is a specific bus line that serves the Thierry Maulnier and Eucalyptus high school from Saint-Jeannet via Gattières and Carros.

 : makes the connection with Pont Michel and the Carros Industrial Area and remains intensified as of June, in response to the success of this express line that takes the A8 motorway (550 trips/day).

Lines departing from Saint-André de la Roche and  , which serves Libération, Pessicart, Saint-Pancrace, and Saint-Pierre de Féric, are two evening shuttles trialled since 2020 that have not seen the success hoped for.  They no longer run.

Lines L et S that serve the Parc Impérial and Estienne d’Orves sixth-form colleges from Las Planas and Vallon des Fleurs, will no longer run, but students have efficient alternatives bus routes on the network, with lines ​ and ​operating on the same routes.

Line C is extended to the "Le Peyron" stop for three departures.

Lines SLV2, SLV3 and SLV5 serve a new stop, "Pugets/Rodin" in both directions and only in the direction of  "Collège Pagnol" for SLV5.

Demand-responsive transport line  , which serves the towns of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Beaulieu-sur-Mer and Villefranche-sur-Mer, and for which passenger numbers are particularly low and unchanging for several years, no longer runs.

Demand-responsive transport line  ,which serves La Trinité, benefits from an extended timetable, and operates for an additional hour and a half, running from 07:00 am to 07:30 pm.

Demand-responsive transport line  ​   is extended to the existing "La Roseraie" and "Saint-Estève" stops.

Foot lines: since the implementation of the tramway line 3 which offers a direct route to the stadium, the frequentation has decreased, they do not circulate anymore.